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Mr Bbaby


Mr Bbab

Interview by Jorge Perezchica

Artist Michelle Ruby — aka Mr Bbaby, was born and raised in San Diego, California. After earning a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts, Mr. Bbaby pursued art as a full-time career. Taking cues from her Latin heritage, children’s books and street art, Mr. Bbaby’s vibrant imagery captures the viewers attention to stop and look with a sense of childlike wonder. I first discovered one of Mr Babby’s murals at Flat Black Art Supplies in Palm Desert. As I walked around the back of the building, I gazed over a giant beast named “Chucho” with his piñata friend standing against a bright yellow wall. The playful image evoked a psychedelic version of “Where the Wild Things Are.” Since then, I have been a fan of Mr Bbaby’s artwork, and it’s been fun watching her artistic journey unfold through social media — you never know what adventures her main character “Chucho” will show up next. Read on for the Coachella Magazine interview.

For the full article go to http://coachellamagazine.com/mr-bbaby/


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